All About Gardening

My mother was an avid gardener, and although I don’t believe I have the “green thumb” that she did, I have managed to pick up a few of the tips she used in gardening.  Mom always enjoyed the time spent working in her gardens. In fact, I can’t remember a visit there during the spring and summer months that didn’t include a walk out back to check progress.  She found such joy in pointing out the newest rose bud, or counting the fruits on each plant.  I giggle to myself now, remembering how she cursed those “darn rabbits” for chewing the tops off her prized plants.  She worked very hard to keep her garden free of weeds, nurturing those tiny plants until harvest time.  





I will admit – at the time, I didn’t get it.  I was in the midst of raising kids, and way too busy (in my mind) to bother with digging around in the dirt and pulling weeds for a few vegetables.  Afterall, a quick trip to the store was much faster and way less work.   I think my mother tried to get me interested in gardening, since she loved it so much.  She would share her own gardening tips with me for one thing and another, but I let it fall on deaf ears.  But since Mother’s passing, I find myself picking up right where she left off.  I’m becoming more and more like her – and I’m actually quite proud of it!


Mom loved to cook, and I too inherited her passion for it.  I love preparing a meal using the vegetables I have harvested from my own garden – no worries of insecticides or anything unnatural that is going to harm my family.  Growing and drying my own herbs – nothing compares to the taste of fresh garlic and herbs!  And oh, the satisfaction you feel when you know that you have used only fresh organic ingredients in your meal preparation.  Go HERE to get information on Herbal Gardening, and get started using fresh herbs in a multitude of ways.

gardeningThe first year I put in a garden, my husband got to be the lucky recipient of the “garden tour”.  He dutifully accompanied me out back at least once a week to check progress.  I pointed out every last bud on the pepper plants, the sprouts of the first tomatoes, and the 17 squash that showed up from seemingly nowhere!  Of course, he tried his best to act enthused, but lets face it – he’s a man.  Men aren’t excited about plants.  They’re excited about DINNER.  (Ok, Mom, I get it now!)

Ok, I will stop reminiscing and get to the matter at hand.  Easy Gardening Tips, compliments of Emily.  Go HERE to read about the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way to help produce a bountiful crop in my own backyard.