America’s Restaurant Recipes

Now you can prepare your favorite restaurant recipes yourself.  With America’s Restaurant Recipes you will be able to prepare your family’s favorite restaurant meals, and save money by eating at home!

restaurant recipes

Impress Your Guests – Make Authentic Restaurant Dishes!

RESTAURANT RECIPES That You Can Make at Home

Have you ever enjoyed an especially tasty meal in your favorite restaurant, and then sat back and thought to yourself – “I just wish I knew how to make this”?   I think we’ve all done that at one time or another.  Cooking at home becomes boring – we tend to prepare the same meals over and over.  It’s easier and always tastes better if you go out to eat, right?  How would you feel if I told you that I can show you how to prepare the best restaurant meals right at home in your own kitchen?

Yes, it’s true!  You can recreate your favorite restaurant dishes at home.

Enjoy the same exquisite meals at half the price of eating out!  

Restaurant recipes


The average American family eats out 3 times per week or more.  In 2010, the average American family spent about $2,700 a year in restaurants!  Since we are now in 2017, you can imagine how much that dollar amount has increased.  You get my point – eating out, although a pleasant social experience, is EXPENSIVE!  

 Impress Your Friends With Exact Replicas from one of their favorite eateries.  Restaurants like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, Ruby Tuesday’s, Outback Steakhouse, Planet Hollywood, The Cheesecake Factory, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, White Castle, and many, many more!


Restaurant recipesSure, if you spend any time at all on social media, you’ve seen the “copycat” recipes out there.  But beware!  Many of them are fake imitations Restaurant recipesof popular dishes.  Many of these recipes won’t turn out, or taste nothing like the restaurant meal they are trying to duplicate. Restaurant recipes

Hundreds of thousands of people have experimented in their own kitchens, trying to save money by cooking at home, but were UNWILLING to give up on their favorite flavors…..and guess what?  Best Selling Author of “America’s Restaurant Recipes”, Ron Douglas has finally figured it all out –

“I’ve used MASSIVE amounts of trial-and-error, consulted with professional chefs, and collaborated with tens of thousands of other recipe cloners online to make my recipes the PERFECT match for their restaurant counterparts.  In fact, I’ve been on NATIONAL TV to hold taste tests with real people who COULDN’T TELL the difference between my cooking and the restaurant’s dishes!”

And now Ron is willing to share this collection of the BEST, most POPULAR restaurant clone recipes that he has tweaked to perfection!

If you have doubts about the authenticity of these recipes, just read on… 

“Just had to let you know that I tried the chicken recipe, the latest one advertised by Olive Garden. …I can tell you it is DELICIOUS!”

– Mary Ann


“Ron, I just want to take a little time to thank you for all the great copycat recipes. You make me feel like a chef when I turn out one of these dishes. Thanks again!”

– Leonard


“…This far exceeds any Bourbon Chicken that a mall could ever hope to sell. It will become a “chicken regular” at my home!”

– Barbara Welborn – Pompano Beach Fla.

“I really enjoy surprising my neighbors with some of the food they think they can only get at Restaurants. Thanks, Ron.”

– Paul Randen

All you need is a regular kitchen, simple store-bought ingredients, and of course, your appetite!  No need for any special equipment or tools.  With the America’s Restaurant Recipes Cookbook, you will save time, as you won’t be playing the “trial and error” game trying to find the “exact taste”.  You’ll save money too, since the groceries you use to create these dishes won’t cost you as much as dining out.  With America’s Restaurant Recipes, you too can re-create the famous signature dishes from your FAVORITE eateries!

Restaurant recipesYou’ll LOVE the compliments you get when people find out you made these famous dishes yourself!

  • Get Started Fast and Easy – Each recipe is written in full detail. 
  • Eat Healthier – Food you prepare at home doesn’t have any chemicals or preservatives added, and YOU get to choose the ingredients that go into the food your family eats.

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Restaurant recipes

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a good cook now, the people you prepare these dishes for will!


Your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed – A Full 60 Days, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!

Restaurant recipes