Artisan Soaps For All Natural Skin Care

Have you ever used Artisan Soaps for all natural skin care?  We are only given one body, and it’s up to us to take good care of it.  Cleansers that contain chemical additives are damaging to our bodies in a number of ways.  All Natural products are often thought of as boring and distasteful, but we have some information to share with you that is about to change your mind about that!
Artisan Soaps

Rely on SoapCreek for All Natural Skin Care

You are about to experience a product with uncompromised quality and functionality.  SoapCreek’s Artisan Soaps are made with only the finest and all-natural ingredients.  You won’t ever expose your skin to chemicals or additives like commercial cleansing products.  For those who prefer living life simply, naturally, and safely – SoapCreek is your best choice!


1.  a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson.

2.  a person or company that makes a high- quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods 

In this fast-paced society, most products are manufactured in mass quantities.  Although this speeds up production, it also leaves room for a decline in quality.  At SoapCreek, nothing is mass produced.  SoapCreek products are made by hand, and by using the finest natural ingredients Mother Earth provides.      


Artisan SoapsThe people at SoapCreek are committed to making natural soaps and body care the new benchmark.  Artisan Soaps and Skincare Products contain cultivated food-grade plant oils.  They are scented with only pure therapy grade essential oils which are sourced from farms all over the world. 

Each bar of our luxurious soap has generous amounts of luxurious additives, such as:

  • exotic butters
  • oils, herbs
  • seeds
  • flowers
  • extracts
  • raw honey
  • goats milk
  • yogurt

Many of our products are completely Vegan.

SoapCreek Offers Much More Than Soap!

SoapCreek offers a full line of bath and body care, including products designed for specific problem areas.  Treat your body to a good scrub with a Cane Sugar Whip.  After bathing, smoothe on a Body Buttercreme?  With scents such as Bourbon Vanilla, or Lavender Honey, you will stir the senses while you pamper the skin!  We have a scent for everyone in the family.  Here is a partial list of choices:

Treat your feet with care by smoothing on some Heel Butter to moisturize and remove rough, dry skin.  Healthy, soft lips begin with our all natural Lip Mend.  We have a product for your every need, and in a scent to please every taste!

Each SoapCreek product includes a full list of ingredients, because We WANT you to know what you are putting on your skin! 

NATURAL is better – whether it’s the food we eat, the cosmetics we wear, or the skincare we use.  These products are also great for anyone with allergies, as they contain no harsh ingredients to cause skin irritation.Artisan Soaps


The SoapCreek Company’s Mission for the Manufacture of Fine Artisan Soaps

***We encourage all to conserve, re-use, recycle, and make the world a better place for all.***

To this end, we use minimal packaging from renewable resources for all our products.

All natural – inside and out.Artisan Soaps

Pamper Yourself With SoapCreek Artisan Soap Products

At SoapCreek, we are inspired by the magnificence of the sphere we live in.  We are zealous about promoting good health and a green planet.

Our motive is to create the very finest natural body care products.  Each batch of soap is meticulously mixed by hand, and then lovingly shaped into a unique artistic design.  Our products are not only pleasing to the eye, but chock full of completely natural nutrients and moisturizing agents.

Our body works hard for us everyday.  It deserves to be pampered and cared for properly.  We need to know that anything we subject our skin to is not going to cause us harm.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that nature has already provided everything we need?  Why mess with that?  Artisan Soaps

You will never find anything synthetic in any of our products.  No dyes, synthetic fragrance, or any other harsh chemical.

All Natural – All the Time!Artisan Soaps

After a busy day, why not take an hour for yourself?  Light a candle or two, and hop in the tub with your choice of Artisan Soaps.  Sit back, relax, enjoy the experience.  Relax…..breathe…..sip a glass of quality wine while you soak (we get ours HERE).  Finish up your spa treatment by moisturizing.  Treat any problem areas (heels, elbows, lips), and leave the bathroom feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever is next!

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What better gift, for yourself, or for someone you care about, than the unique products SoapCreek has to offer?  Go HERE to view the many choices available.