Fiction is entertaining – and who can’t use a little of that in their life?  When you feel the need to escape the stressors of adult life, what better way than to re-explore the childhood fiction you grew up with?  Read and learn from the beloved stories you read as a child, but this time view them through adult eyes.  Discover and understand the true meaning of the quotations found in the stories.  Read….explore…..transform into your favorite character.  Relax….it’s ok to pretend – even as an adult!

childhood fiction

101 Famous Quotes From Alice In Wonderland  Here you will find a collection of famous quotes from the beloved story of Alice in Wonderland.  Surprise your friends and colleagues by working one of these famous quotes into conversation.  Impress your children, or grandchildren by showing off your knowledge of this timeless tale.  Check it out Here.

If you are an avid follower of Alice in Wonderland, you may also be interested in the information contained HERE.  Learn how to create an Alice in Wonderland birthday party that will thrill any child.  Read about the history behind the book.  Join in the discussions – share your knowledge with others, and maybe learn something new!

childhood fiction

childhood fictionIron Man Suit Costume: Do It Yourself Guide for the ultimate Marvel Fan.  This is a Costume that is bound to  bring out the superhero in you!  Live out your dream of becoming a super hero, and impress your friends!  We know you want to experience the life of a super-hero at times.  Feed that desire!  Build or purchase this Iron Man Suit, and be the star of your next party, or use it to earn extra money as you bring joy and entertainment to children’s parties!  Go HERE to transform yourself into IRONMAN!


We hope that you will return to this site often, as we will continue to post interesting fiction finds on this page.  There are so many timeless classics that will trigger good memories for you.  Share your favorite story, and bring the characters to life as you, in turn, share them with a child.  Your child or grandchild will love knowing that you share their excitement in the reading of Childhood Fiction.