Cryptocurrency – The Bitcoin Network

There are currently thousands of Cryptocurrencies available, and Bitcoin is only one of many.  We are going to provide you with some information to help you better understand what this Bitcoin Network is all about.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology are slowly becoming household words.  Bitcoin’s 2017 price hike from $1,000 to $15,000 has propelled global interest in this technology!

Lets Simplify What Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Network Represent:

Like the Internet, Bitcoin relies on a decentralized network of users all across the globe.  However; unlike the Internet, Bitcoin allows people to send others a digital asset that cannot be counterfeited.  Because of this structure, the network is able to operate as its own economy.  Therefore, it doesn’t utilize intermediaries or third party service providers.

There is both risk and reward in the Blockchain Technology.  In order to protect consumers, regulations are taking place across the globe.  OMINEX is the leader in helping to create safety regulations for the protection of the Bitcoin Network and other cryptocurrencies.Bitcoin Network

How to Protect and Operate Within Compliance and Legality

Wallet addresses can be generated without providing identification.  This makes it extremely difficult to determine the physical identity of the person who owns the wallet address.  This feature allows users to send value without revealing who they are in real life. 

OMINEX put together the “Open Compliance Project” in support of international regulations.  This allows for ongoing support to keep up with this infinite growth.  Because new tokens are coming out daily, this regulation and compliance is needed in order to protect both users and investors. Bitcoin Network

There are several Crypto Wallets available, but none of them compare to OMINEX.

Benefits of the Ominex Wallet include:

  • Solutions for vetting out and verifying the legitimacy of new coins offered.
  • Users of the OMINEX WALLET) will be able to participate in new vetted ICO’s easily.
  • Easy access to view the top coins, as well as the ability to buy/sell/acquire easily within a single Wallet.
  •  Ominex is paving the way of the future, and will soon be the #1 User Wallet for accessing and working with Cryptocurrencies.
  • The Ominex Token Wallet’s versatility allows it to work on the web, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Ominex does not store “private keys”, so we don’t control investor funds or tokens at any time.  This keeps tokens as safe as possible.
  • We have built in KYC protocols, (“Know Your Customer”) so that each investor must enter valid profile information in order to continue a purchase.
  • We support Bitcoin and all Ethereum ERC20 compatible tokens.  This currently represents over 2,000 Cryptocurrencies. We will be adding others as we continue to grow.
  • Pay In Any currency via our built in exchanges.  Transfer money anywhere at anytime.
  • Compliant: KYC, investor accreditation, net income/net worth, subscription agreements, and more.

Easy Investing Process – Protecting the Bitcoin Network

We make the purchase of Cryptocurrencies easy for the investor.  Ominex is easy to use, and it can be added to any existing website with a widget.


Use Ominex for new or existing tokens.  Make things easier for your token-holders.  List your token here.

Currencies and Apps

Ominex is so much more than an easy-to-use wallet.  In addition to purchasing and managing various Cryptocurrencies, we are planning to offer access to other vetted Blockchain-based services such as loans, banking, insurance, and more!  There is so much more to come – please check back often for additional information.

Bitcoin NetworkOminex has what YOU need for a compliant token offering!