Decentralized Travel

 Your best choice in Decentralized Travel is XcelTrip.  In fact, they Decentralized Travelare your ONLY sensible choice!  We are very excited to introduce XcelTrip as the innovator of the Travel Industry.

XCelTrip utilizes Blockchain Technologies in order to eliminate the middle-men.  By doing so, this will also eliminate the extra costs associated with travel.  Because of this vision, XCELTRIP is the expert in Blockchain Travel Solutions.  This is THE company to be connected to for all of your travel needs!

There Are 3 Steps of Evolution in the World of Travel

XCELTRIP takes us into the future in Step 3 of the Evolution. (Decentralized Travel)

With XCELTRIP we are seeing the final step.  They are removing the layers of middlemen and administration.  Therefore, they can offer many benefits to users and suppliers, resulting in more profitability and better pricing.

Decentralized Travel

Before the Internet…

Travel was done through travel agents, or by calling into a phone bank of representatives.  This resulted in more costs and wasted time, not to mention additional frustration for the customer.  Once the internet arrived, things began to change in a very big – and very profitable way.  Decentralized Travel

Decentralized TravelThe Age of the Internet…

Online travel became readily available during the 1990’s.  Companies such as Priceline, Expedia, Cheap Flights, and others entered into Online Travel.  This eliminated administration and created multiple databases.  These databases are linked through various sites and systems to make travel resources available online.  While it was a step forward, it still contained layers of administration, as well as broker and middlemen costs. This created additional problems such as:

  • Centralized Databases, which created corruption, technical issues, and other errors.  All of these things created consumer delays, over-bookings, and countless other problems.
  • Middlemen costs, and also slimmer profits for the vendor.
  • Lack of efficiencies, creating costs that were passed on to both the Consumer and the Vendor.Decentralized Travel

Decentralized TravelDecentralized Travel – XCELTRIP Brings Us Into the FUTURE

XcelTrip creates a more positive travel experience by eliminating the broker/dealers and added fees.  Below are some of the key points of Decentralized Travel:

  • All human error is eliminated through the use of Blockchain Technologies.
  • Decentralized Travel provides accurate information about all travel resources and availability.
  • XcelTrip eliminates several layers of administration and staff, as well as obsolete databases.  Trends and travel needs are better anticipated.  Therefore, costs are reduced.  THANK YOU, BLOCKCHAIN!
  • All of this makes the entire travel experience more affordable, and more profitable for vendors.

We have now created an amazing Win-Win situation!  Blockchain Technology provides endless solutions to the Travel Industry, and only through EXCELTRIP.

Xceltrip is Not Just a Full-Service Online Travel Platform, But a “Decentralized Travel Eco-System”.

Xceltrip is designed to change the way you travel today, and well into the future.  Whether you are making plans for air travel, hotel bookings, or auto rental, XcelTrip can help.  They also offer innovative ideas to fulfill all of your traveling needs at the lowest possible price.


The vision of XCelTrip is to decentralize travel services.  This is accomplished by empowering partners – such as hotels and consumers. The savings are then passed down from the middlemen to these partners.

Decentralized TravelThe folks at XcelTrip are committed to making the travel experience seamless, fun, and cost efficient.  They are using Blockchain in the most sensitive and challenging areas.  Also – the most secured technology is utilized to safeguard your information.

Download the XcelTrip mobile app, designed to equip you with additional services that are not available with their competitors.

XcelTrip Offers You:

  • Hotel Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • Experiential Holiday Packages
  • Social Travel Experiences, etc.

With XcelTrip You Will:

  • Access over a million rooms at the best properties, and the best rates.
  • Receive world-class service, along with access to hundreds of flight options.
  • Receive help from online XcelTrip Manager for your specific travel needs.
  • Gain access to a lot more than just airline tickets and hotel bookings thorough the use of our mobile app.


  • We offer the best price to travelers, along with the lowest booking fee for vendors.
  • Our system is built on the Blockchain Cryptic Ledger, which is the most trusted technology for data security.
  • The Xceltrip business is based on the distributed economic model.  In this model, each business partner gets a piece of the economic pie, either through savings or direct earnings.
  • Every Time You Travel, You Earn – Yes!  Check out our IMP Program.

Decentralized TravelIf you are a Vendor – Hotel, Motel, Bed and Breakfast, Airline, Car Rental Company, Boat Rentals, RV Rentals, Bars, Restaurants, etc. (All things travel and travel related) GO HERE to become a VENDOR with XCelTrip.

You too, can gain big with the future of Blockchain, by joining us in adding vendors, and you will earn great rewards for doing so!

If you are ready to begin this incredible journey of Decentralized Travel, please consider becoming our Independent Marketing Partner (IMP)” or Vendor Partner.  (Hotel Properties, B&Bs, Restaurants, Pub & Bars, transportation and events).  As our partner, you will have access to the world-class “XcelTrip Marketing System”.  This system has been created and developed to help you grow your business.

In addition, XcelTrip is committed to donating 2% of its net income to the global charitable cause through the  XcelTrip Foundation.

XcelTrip – THE Choice For The Future of Travel…..Today!Decentralized Travel