If you are new to parenting, and have no idea just where to begin………..we can help!

Ok, so you just had a baby……Now What?Parenting

We all know that children do not arrive with an instruction manual.  Although a lot of parenting comes to us naturally, there are always questions and concerns.  Am I doing the right thing? How do I manage behavioral issues?  Am I damaging my child’s self esteem if I reprimand him or her?  If you’re fortunate enough to have your own parents nearby, they may be of some help here, but times are constantly changing.  We need new, fresh ideas, and current advice to help us with ongoing issues that crop up while raising children in this hectic society.  

Currently we offer one resource to help you through the “Terrible Twos”.  We plan to continue our search for other helpful resources to assist you in child-rearing for each life stage.  Check back often!

Parenting Help

Talking To Toddlers: Dealing With The Terrible Twos And Beyond  Yes, those of us that have lived through this can attest… help is a good thing to have.  Understanding where “Toddlers” are coming from, and what is going on in their heads allows us to get through this stage in a less stressful manner.  HUGE HELP for Parenting!  Become a Better Parent Here

If you are ready to begin Potty Training, you may find some helpful advice HERE.  It doesn’t have to be stressful!  Learn ways to get through this stage without stressing out your child – or yourself with this valuable e-book.

Just know you aren’t alone – been there, done that!  I was very fortunate to have been raised well by very caring and loving parents.  This helped, once I had my own children.  I could always pull something from my memory bank when I was faced with a “what would my mother have done now?” moment.  Some people didn’t have that kind of example.  Or maybe your parents are already gone, and you feel almost deserted in the face of child-rearing.  Perhaps you and your partner have completely different thoughts on the subject.  Rest assured, we will continue to look for and add helpful items in this Category for you to have access to.  Be sure to check back often!