Rory Ricord – The Truth

With the number of online business opportunities available, you may or may not have heard of Rory Ricord or Rory RicordLink Post Blogging. There are many opportunities out there making all sorts of promises, so it’s difficult to tell which are legitimate, and which are scams.  The truth of the matter is – there are some opportunities that are legitimate, but sadly, there are also many that do not deliver what they promise.  I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you what I know, first-hand, about the business opportunity that Rory Ricord offers.

I have attempted to build an online business through various avenues presented to me, and have spent more money buying in than I care to admit.  All of these attempts were without success.  SCAM ALERT!

Rory Ricord


Last summer, I became very sick, and was off work for over two weeks.  Since I’m not much of a television fan, I spent a lot of time online.  You know what’s coming – I ran across an ad for Link Post Blogging, and although I didn’t really understand what it meant, it caught my eye.  I can’t really explain why, but I felt drawn to checking into it, and I am so glad I did!


As a new business owner, I was given access to step by step trainings done by the master creator of Link Post Blogging, Rory Ricord himself.  I was also assigned a personal mentor for additional help and support.  Can you give me an example of any other online business that operates this way? This was a brand new concept for me!


Rory has his own name on this opportunity – and that is because he knows it works.  With his 28+ years of experience in marketing techniques, he has learned what works – and what doesn’t.  He isn’t afraid to share what he knows with others.  In fact, he wants to see others succeed!  Think about this for a second – most successful business owners want to keep the ideas and methods to themselves, right?  Afterall, why should they share the wealth?  Not true of Rory Ricord.  He has created this method of Link Post Blogging, critiqued it, shared it, and continues to support members in finding success with it.

Rory RicordIn addition, Rory is constantly seeking new offers to promote.  He does his research – he knows exactly what the  potential is before committing to it.  Most recently he has provided members with the ability to promote offers based on the Blockchain Technology. These offer a huge earning potential for members who follow Rory’s recommendations for promotion.  If you are uncertain as to what the Blockchain Technology is all about, go HERE for some education.


Rory’s integrity shines through in his sincere conversations, the enthusiasm in which he educates, and the method in which he conducts business.  It should also be noted that Rory Ricord invests his own money in Technology Support, Training, and the like.  I look forward to the very informative weekly phone trainings that he and other associates provide to us.  Again, I must ask – have you found this kind of training and support in any other online business?


I will end by saying this – if you are looking for an opportunity to work from home – if you love to use the internet – and if you can be teachable, this business just may be for you.

Please note that any legitimate business requires real work.  There really ARE no “get rich quick” businesses out there, despite the promises.  Love your job?  Stay with it.  Maybe want to earn a few extra dollars a month?  Rory can help.  Sick of working for someone else?  Rory can help with that too.  Make as much or as little as you need or want – it’s completely up to you!

Intrigued?  Check out Rory’s information video on this very unique and very awesome business we call Link Post Blogging HERE.